NGRA Reveals 2019 Royalty Winner & Runner-Up: Who Took The Crown?

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

The competition has been tough… but the judges points have been tallied and a winner has been determined. Congratulations goes to…?

…both of our contestants, Felinda Bush and Bootsy CarMichael, first of all, for getting this far. Your Interviews and Community Service portion went very well, your Western Wear was dazzling, your Public Presentation answers were witty and prompt, and your Entertainment was a pleasure to watch. We hope you enjoy your reign and we urge you both to continue your journey onward to the IGRA Royalty Competition if you so desire. Well done!

With two fantastic entries, the choice was a tough one and the results were very close, particularly amongst these two. There was a 1 point difference between them.

We are pleased to announce our Miss NGRA 2019 is Bootsy CarMichael. Her performance in this competition makes her a very worthy winner. Felinda Bush is our Miss NGRA 1st Runner-Up 2019. She wowed us with her performance as well. Both these contestants came out winners in our opinion. Congratulations Bootsy and Felinda!

Bootsy CarMichael & Felinda Bush

The contestants morning started off with some questions on NGRA and IGRA History, as well as their demonstration of community spirit and community service.

The judges look to see that these contestants are involved in the community and show dedication, not just looking to hold a title. They also want to make sure the contestants have enough knowledge to be able to answer questions about the organization, gay history, rodeo events, past and current royalty, some bylaws, etc. If you want to be the face of the organization you should be able to speak to others about the organization, right?

Starting in the back: Chris Due (Auditor), Brenda Alday (Royalty Competition Chair), Brandon Dale, Alina Cole, Jamie Lee Spaque-Ballot, Tracy Dean Skinner, Joshua Gunter-Shields, and in the chair to the left is Jeffrey Neal (Royalty Competition Co-Chair)

Judges & Auditor - Interview & Community Service

  • Tracy Dean Skinner - Sin Sity Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Inc.

  • Joshua Gunter-Shields - NGRA member

  • Alina Cole - Ms. TGRA 2017 & Miss IGRA 2019

  • Jamie Lee Spaque-Ballot

  • Brandon Dale

  • Chris Due - Auditor

We then moved on to the evening portion of the competition, which was held at Flex Cocktail Lounge. Getting the evening started with an introduction, was Phat PattyMiss NGRA 2017, Miss IGRA 2018.

Phat Patty welcomed to the stage, Taylor Trash (Hostess & 1st Performer )(Miss NGRA 2011, Miss NGRA 2015, Miss IGRA 2nd Runner-Up 2012, Miss IGRA 1st Runner-Up 2016, and Aspirant to the Throne of Empress 21 for IRSCDEI).

Taylor performed to: Halsey ~ Alone

After performance, she made sure to recognize all our incredible sponsors: Choice Hotels, Hop Valley, Miller Lite, Boyd Gaming, LVCVA, Absolut, and Jameson. We can never thank them enough!!

1st Set of Judges - Evening (Western Wear)

  • Chris Tobin – Mr. IGRA 2018 1st Runner-Up

  • Ryan Knop – Candidate Mr. Arizona Gay Rodeo Association 2019

  • Shaun Franklin-Sewell - President of NGRA 2007 - 2009 and 2011 - 2013

  • Nikki Starr - Miss IGRA 2017 & Candidate Miss Arizona Gay Rodeo Association 2019

Western Wear - Felinda Bush – Contestant 1 – Music: George Strait ~ How 'Bout Them Cowgirls

"Felinda is modeling cowgirl sheik in silver and black. This ensemble is ideal for any occasion from a night out in the big city to a night at the barn dance. Her gown is basic black velvet with sheer sleeves, accented with white rhinestones on the cuff. The scoop neckline of the dress is accented with black fringe and silver coins. The thigh high slit on the left side makes this dress ideal for mounting a horse for Felinda’s ride home at the end of the night. Felinda’s gown is topped off with a silver and black cowgirl hat. She is wearing a pair of black cowgirl boots with black embroidery. Felinda has chosen a pair of sapphire and white rhinestone earrings, a white rhinestone bracelet, and a black and white rhinestone ring. To accessorize this outfit, she is also wearing a couple of special bracelets and her father’s wedding ring graciously loaned by her mother."

Public Presentation QuestionFelinda Bush – If you had to change your name what would your new name be and why would you choose that name?

“So, If I had to choose a new name for Felinda, it would be Carrie Anna Litter. The reason for this is I always joke because I’ve got a little bit of a poochy belly then I have a very girlish figure. Unfortunately, inside of a pregnant girl. And Litter of course for drag mother, Kitty Litter. So put it together, I’m carryin’ a litter.”

Western Wear - Bootsy CarMichael - Contestant 2 – Music: Brooks & Dunn ~ Cowgirls Don’t Cry

“Bootsy is wearing a double tiered skirt peacock print dress with blue laced bodice and rhinestones from the pyramid collection. She has chosen black western cowboy boots, as well as a bullhide black felt cowboy hat with teal and brown embroidery on the hat brim.”

Public Presentation QuestionBootsy CarMichael - (If you could do any event in our rodeo, what would it be and why? Answer: Goat Dressing Missing all of Question & Answer. (Sorry!)

Presentation of two out of three of the beneficiary checks by the NGRA Board of Directors (Kathy Alday, Chris Due, Brenda Alday (Rodeo Director), Bryan Shields, Jeffrey Neal, David Heckman aka (Bootsy CarMichael), David Hering (not present), and Stewart Black)

  • Heaven Can Wait (Harold Vosko – President & Co-Founder)$1000

  • The Center’s Youth Program – Qvolution (Damian & Paul)$3000

Performance by:

Alina Whorez Cole – Music: Martina McBride ~ Anyway

Additional Performers:

Nikki Starr & Ryan Knop

Liza - Alex Michaels

While our additional performers were belting out songs from their favorite artists, our contestants were getting ready for the next competition portion of the evening -Entertainment.

2nd Set of Judges – Evening (Entertainment)

  • Erica "Alina" Cole – Miss IGRA 2019

  • Jim McCoy - Miss Cowpatty 2018

  • Laura Scott – Ms. NGRA 1998

  • Alex Brooks - Aspirant to the Throne of Emperor 21 for IRSCDE

  • Raul Faria – Absolut - Sponsor

Entertainment - Felinda Bush – Contestant 1 – Music: Kellie Coffey ~ Dance With My Father Again

EntertainmentBootsy CarMichael– Contestant 2 – Music: Reba McEntire ~ You Can’t Get A Man With A Gun

While Christina Halliwell was getting ready for her final step-down performance, our NGRA Board of Directors presented the final beneficiary check to the Sin Sity Sisters.

Sin Sity Sisters SADAP (Sister Loosy Lust Be a Lady and Sister Gloria Areola)$4000

Brenda Alday announced she has accepted the position of Rodeo Director for BigHorn Rodeo 2019, Stewart Black will be Assistant Rodeo Director, and David Boland will be the Assistant Cow Director.

Well, we are almost to the end of what has been a magical evening. After a one year reign, Miss NGRA 2018, Christina Halliwell, steps down. We wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors! Perhaps a run for Miss IGRA 2019?

Christina Halliwell – Miss NGRA 2018 Step-down: Music: P!nk ~ Barbies

And the moment everyone has been waiting to see: the 2019 Miss NGRA is Bootsy CarMichael and the 2019 Miss NGRA 1st Runner-Up is Felinda Bush.

Bootsy CarMichael - Miss NGRA 2019 - Step-Up: Music: The Greatest Showman: Reimagined

NGRA members, NGRA past Royalty, NGRA Board of Directors, IGRA members, IGRA past Royalty and 2019 IGRA Royalty, Imperial Court members and Aspirants to the Throne of Empress and Emperor 21 of IRSCDEI, attendees from the Queens of Las Vegas, and our local community came together to play a role in celebrating the victories of our contestants and raising money for local charity and BigHorn Rodeo 2019. With so many people attending, the event on every level was a wonderful success and $1050 was raised.

Congratulations again Bootsy CarMichael and Felinda Bush and thank you for representing NGRA!

Additional Thanks:

Taylor Trash

Get out of that ottoman dress, slip off those heels, pour a hot bubble bath, grab a glass of wine, put on some Delilah, and slip into that tub. You don't have much time, so do it now. You were exceptional as always, now go GET THAT THRONE with Alex Brooks!

Alex Serpa & SableBleu – Queens of Las Vegas

Thank you for you for supporting us and allowing us to support your show as well. You are always amazing!

Jeffrey Neal and Brenda Alday - Royalty Co-Chairs

You rocked it!!! Fantastic job!!!

Our Sponsors & Donors

Without you, we can't do what we do. Thank you!!!!!

Flex Cocktail Lounge – Todd TauberWe are forever grateful for your generosity and support, use of your venue, and your gracious hospitality.

Sister Loosy & Sister Gloria Areola Sin Sity Sisters, B Bear – Mr. NGRA 2017

Charli Phillips aka Preston, Kimberli Foxx – Miss NGRA 2010, Troy Peter aka Felinda Bush, Jason Dyer – Mr. NGRA 1st Runner-Up 2017, David Heckman aka Bootsy CarMichael, Traci Foxx – Ms. NGRA 2017 aka Traci Phillips, Alex Michaels, Mormonizer – Miss NGRA 1st Runner-Up 2012, Brent Rosinski - Mr. NGRA 2014.

As we head off into the winter wonderland sunset, may your holidays be filled with merriment, love, peace, truth and beauty.

As a Titleholder of the Nevada Gay Rodeo Association, Royalty Team Members are an ambassador of the organization and a representative on a city, state, and nationwide level.

“The NGRA Royalty Competition is a wonderful opportunity to be a part of the non-profit charitable organization, while developing stage presence, entertainment skills, communications skills, and interview skills,” said Royalty Competition Co-Director, Jeffrey Neal.

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