NGRA Spreading the Country Lifestyle at PRIDE

Updated: Oct 26, 2018

NGRA had a great team of members who helped make their presence at the Pride Festival extravagantly welcoming.

Kathy Alday reported, "It was a great success! A lot of people thanked us for being there and were interested in what we are doing at NGRA. They loved the t-shirts and the wristbands, and many stopped to talk and ask questions.

Jeffrey Neal said, "People appreciated the invitation to events, information about joining, and many were happy to chat. It was a wonderful and very uplifting experience. People all seemed so happy to be there."

Felinda Bush, a candidate for the 2019 NGRA Royalty Team, commented, "At the Pride Festival, it was really fun watching the people walking by. As you could maybe imagine, there was a wide variety of ages with many different styles of dress and undress. It was great seeing the representations of different sexualities. I had the opportunity to meet many new faces and connect with familiar as well. I had a fantastic time promoting and representing the organization."

NGRA had a booth with the NGRA flag and BigHorn Rodeo banner displayed, as well as the NGRA marketing table cover on display. Our members distributed some give-away bling with an NGRA information that caused people to stop and interact a bit. Many were very grateful for the bags that were distributed, and who knows, they may even read the event information printed on them later and be curious to find out more and attend. Some people had no idea a gay rodeo even existed, and would stop to chat a bit. All were glad that we are an organization that accepts and supports everyone, regardless of race, sexualtiy, disability, skill, knowledge, etc. 

However, I think our two biggest impacts were simply because we showed up and because of the dedication of our team of members who were on hand to answer questions and spread the country lifestyle.

Pride is about the inspiration to keep on marching in the face of adversity, with your head held high, in the hope that maybe one day that adversity will vanish and give way to understanding and equality for all.

The team who worked the booth were Kathy Alday, Brenda Alday, Stewart Black, Bootsy CarMichael aka David Heckman, and Felinda Bush aka Troy Peters.

Thank you NGRA and team!

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