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There is currently $5,040.00 in added purse to be distributed as indicated below: 

  • Unawarded money will roll up for each event. 

  • If only 2 people place in an event, the 3rd place price money rolls up as follows:  60% to 1st place and 40% to 2nd place.

  • If only 1 person places in an event, winner takes all for that event.

  • If no contestants place in an event in 1st go, money rolls to 2nd go.

  • For 2nd go, the same payout rules apply; however, if no contestants place in 2nd go, but contestants placed on 1st go, money rolls back to 1st go and is paid the same as stated above. 

  • If no contestants place in either go in an individual event, the money will roll, by gender, to all-around cowgirl and all-around cowboy to three places.  If fewer than three contestants qualify for all-around, money will also be paid the same as stated above.  If no contestants place in either go for team roping, the money will be split evenly between the all-around cowgirl and all-around cowboy.

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