NGRA is pleased to announce the Beneficiaries for BigHorn Rodeo 2019:


Las Vegas TransPride

Funny Farm Mustangs


las vegas transpride


Las Vegas TransPride works on bringing Pride, Awareness, Remembrance, Celebration, Empowerment and Support to the Trans* Expansive community with little or no charge to the community. We strive on bringing community together in a safe place and offering various support groups, monthly events, and our annual TransPride week held in November.

Transcending the Gender Box, is our drop-in-center which offers a safe place for our community to gather and receive any necessary resources to aid you on your journey. We hope you will feel free to come and check us out. We are here to support your journey in life. This is not a marathon but a life long journey, let us be a part of your journey!


For more information about Las Vegas TrasnPride, please visit their website.


funny farm mustangs


The management of our country’s majestic wild horses and burros has always been a political issue but an even larger emotional issue for those of us that own wild horses, or what they are commonly referred to as “mustangs”. To own, train and be a part of a mustang’s family is an experience only a small amount of people, in comparison to the number of horse owners, really get to experience. These majestic animals, living in the wild and surviving by their incredible “common sense” and intelligence, ultimately become part of round ups, called “gathers” conducted by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) at some point or another, in order to keep the herds at a manageable level and are sent to short and long term holding corrals. Through the BLM, an adoption policy is set forth where potential adopters of wild horses can go and view these horses and apply to adopt one. The BLM also conducts a variety of adoptions across the United States, via satellite or at local BLM sponsored events in a host of cities, which Funny Farm Mustangs assists with through an established volunteer support program.

In line with this, Funny Farm Mustangs works closely with the Mustang Heritage Foundation (MHF), which runs a unique program that works in conjunction with the BLM on getting mustangs adopted called the Trainer Incentive Program or TIP, whereby horse trainers can apply for approval as a TIP Trainer and if granted approval by the BLM and MHF, a TIP Trainer can go to the nearest BLM holding corral and draw out up to four (4) mustangs for gentling, training and adoption. At no time are these horses to be sold, given away or transferred. They must be adopted and the potential adopter goes through a very thorough screening process including a criminal history check. The adoption fee is a nominal $125.00 per horse as established by the BLM. Funny Farm Mustangs, having been approved as approved volunteers for the BLM and approved as TIP Trainers for the MHF, and is currently the only approved TIP trainers within the Las Vegas area.  We recognize the importance of a strong committed working relationship with the BLM, the MHF and other American Mustang organizations, and as such, was established to promote gentling, training, and adoption of a true American icon, the American Mustang.


For more information about Funny Farm Mustangs, please visit their website.

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