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If you are interested in RV space, please contact us ahead of time, as there is limited space. RV space is $25.00 per night, including electrical (up to 220) and water hookups.  Horse trailer parking for NGRA contestants is free unless hooking up to electrical, a $25.00 per night fee applies. There are restroom and shower facilities available in the RV/stall area.  To ensure availability, RV space should be reserved in advance via the NGRA Store.

All dogs must be on a leash at all times.  Only Service Animals will be permitted in the Vendor area and must be on a leash.


BigHorn Rodeo stalls will be available through NGRA from Wednesday, May 22, 2024, at 12:00 noon through Monday, May 27, 2024, at 10:00 a.m. For those coming in earlier or staying later than the times specified above, stalls will be available through Clark County. 

All contestants bringing a horse to BigHorn Rodeo are required by I.G.R.A. rules to fill out the horse/stall portion of the contestant entry form and pay a $25 deposit for each stall.  Contestants who do not reserve the appropriate number of stalls during pre-registration may be subject to the facility rate of $15 per stall/per day, for all additional horse stalls.  Stall fees are non-refundable.

By I.G.R.A. rules, the hosting association is to provide, at no charge, one (1) horse stall for contestants entering horse events for the rodeo weekend, which includes Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Up to three additional stalls will be available for $25.00 per stall for competition horses and must be reserved with the contestant's pre-registration.  Additional days are available to accommodate early arrivals at the facility rate of $15.00 per stall/per day.  Contestants requiring tack stalls or more than three stalls, shall pay the facility rate of $15.00 per stall/per day for each additional stall.

Per Horseman’s Park, all stalls are required to have shavings. We will have shavings for sale in advance on the NGRA website, or at the park for $15.00. Please bring your own Feed, Water and Feed Buckets as there will not be any provided on the grounds. Water spouts are available throughout the stall area. Bring your own hoses. In addition, wash racks are available in the barn area.

There will be an on-site farrier during each rodeo performance.   For farrier services, contact Wheat Farrier Works at 928-421-2371. 

Veterinary services will be provided bay an ON-CALL VETERINARIAN.  For veterinarian services, contact, Desert Pines Equine Center, (702) 645-2247.

Contact information for the veterinarian and farrier will also be posted in the barn area and on the results posting board. Contestants are responsible for their own costs for accessing these services.


All equine must have a current Coggins test certificate, as well as a valid Health Certificate (issued 30 days prior to the rodeo) and current Brand Inspection. Contestants should bring a copy of the original certificates. County authorities conduct routine inspections and violators are subject to fine and ejection from the rodeo grounds. NGRA will not be checking for these certificates, it the contestant responsibility to know and follow the laws and requirements of the state of Nevada.

Contestants are advised to check with the appropriate authorities regarding any required certificates, which may be necessary when transporting livestock across State boarders. Current regulations may be found at the USDA-APHIS website.

Transporting livestock in the state of Nevada:

All Regulations apply to both horses and cattle whether branded or not.

To enter Nevada, you must comply with your state of origin's requirements for brand inspection. All documents must adequately identify those animals in your possession. If not, you may be subject to fines or seizure.

In Nevada, a current valid brand inspection certificate is required and must be in your possession. If your state of origin does not require brand inspection on horses, then you should have some proof of ownership accompanying them. Nevada residents should have proof of ownership in possession at all times when transporting livestock.

A current Livestock Health Certificate issued by a licensed veterinarian is required to enter the State of Nevada. It must show your animals to be in good health and free from disease. A Coggins Test performed within the previous six months is required on horses.

Cattle for sale, show, or remaining in Nevada, require an Entry Permit. For further information on health requirements. Contact the Animal Industry at (775) 688-1180 ext. 230.

When open, you are required to stop at all Nevada highway patrol commercial vehicle inspection stations.

The following links provide detailed information by state:

Equine Liability & Related Statutes

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

For any questions or comments, please contact our Barn Manager, Don Kendrick at (562) 235-6735.

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