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NGRA Membership:


All memberships include an NGRA Name Badge and one (1) Vote Privilege, and confer eligibility to compete in any IGRA Sanctioned Event. 


There is a one time Initiation Fee of $25 while dues are current and renewed in a timely manner.


Annual Dues are $24 per calendar year starting with the month after dues are paid - through December of the same calendar year. The member’s Annual Dues are prorated if joining after January, at a rate of $2 for each month remaining in the current calendar year.  For example:  If you join on April 5, you would pay $18 ($2 per month for May to December),  plus the $25 Initiation fee, for a total of $43.


*Membership Applications are subject to Board approval per NGRA Bylaws.

NGRA Membership

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